Monday, November 23, 2009

Snow and Sun Once Again...

Yeah, we´ve had that before. Three times already, to be exact. So although the dogs´ and our hearts are happy, we do not allow ourselves to fall into the dellusion of winter comming. With every snow, a warm spell always occured so far this year.

But it sure is beautiful!

Skittles at the 9:45 am sun, sitting on the horizon, on the south side.

The garden, which turns into puppy yard every time we have a litter.

" Mr.Handsome" - Canuck

Aaah, sunny sky and snow!

Gold Nugget in the golden sunshine.

Nitro - aka the "boar" (my expression), the "bear" (Jachym´s) and the "nitroglycerin" (Helena´s)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ohh! "Mr Handsome" that´s exactly what I named him!!Hope everything is fine with him and the rest of the pack!

take care'

p.s Denahi sends her complains about what he did to her movability :)) d.s