Friday, October 23, 2009

Puppy Update: The "I" Litter @ 3 weeks

This is one loveable, sweet to the core, bunch. Whomever started making plush huskies, they had our "I" litter in mind, as models :)

They are still fairly tiny, but they sure have courage and athletic skills, as they climb over the pool and wonder out of the room, into the hall, and a few even dares to steal the cats´ food. Hmm, wonder who cuold´ve tought them to do this (right, Mouse?!).

The cheekiest of all are Inali (the little fox as we call her) and Ikiaq. The girls are generally more active than the boys, at this point. I guess the boys are preparing for a tough life of someone, who grows up with five sisters.

The first born - Indian Summer






Little blue-eyed Inuit
And as a bonus, here comes what we call the "cookie monster". This is actually Inali. She doesn´t seem to be puppy with a bad apetite :)


bea's blog said...

They are sooooo cute! I want them ALL!!! You can be lucky to live out there with all your doggies....sigh!
Love your blog and always follow!
Hälsningar fran Tyskland
~ ♥ ~
Beatrice and Gizmo

Anonymous said...

I must drop a note! This is - without doubt- the cutiest litter I´ve ever seen! Good luck with them and we are following their development carefully from Nykvarn :)

take care!

Susanne said...

Oh my! I´m in love!! =)