Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Working Weekend

Plans are plans, but reality is, well, something else.
The plan for this "working weekend", was simple: Go to the Swedish siberian husky specialty show and represent our Internet Shop, together with the Chlan sleds and carts that we are distributors of. Since our sled dog equipment and nutrition offer grew, we knew it would be necessary to both go and work at our booth.

Yeah, but ad the mischeviousness of dogs. And since Rizey and Balto made special plans of their own, Rizey´s first due date came up to be right this weekend.
Having our parents for a visit, and Jachym´s mom caching a plane to Prague, we knew that I´ll have to stay home.
Although it was hard work for one, Jachym kept us informed through his Facebook reports, about the great time he had, catching up on new with friends, making a number of new customers and selling lots of stuff.
I was particulary happy to find out that the interest for my cups was high and I will actually need to make a lot more for the upcomming sled dog symposium in Kiruna. More about the cups in one of the next entries.

This year, there was only one representative of Kipp d´Amundsen Kennels, and that was Lisa (Icey Blizzard Kipp d´Amundsen). Thank you Ola, for entering Lisa and congratulations to the overall good placement, in the big concurance.

Ola and Lisa
This year´s winners bitch and thus the Best of Oposite Sex, of the Siberian specialty, was Team Amarox S, a daughter of our Ziggi (from litter bred by Ziggi´s former owner, Pia Angström). Congratualtions Pia and Ziggi! :)
Team Amarox S

Oh, you´re still waiting for something? I see, you wanna know how it went with Rizey´s puppies! Of course, she didn´t have them yet. She´s waiting for her dady to be back home and the intrudors (aka our parents) out of the house.

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