Friday, September 18, 2009

BRANDY II Kipp d´Amundsen & BLACK STAR Kipp d´Amundsen (June 15, 1994 - September 18, 2009)

Not much energy to write much, but a lot of numbness, sorrow and emptiness fills me up as I share the following news.

Tonight, two wonderful dogs, the last two litter mates from our B litter, and our first generation huskies, left us.

Words and strenght are failing me to write more today, then just to express our farewell to Brandy and her brother Blacky, and to ask you kindly to light a candle for them.

Circumstances, or a greater power wanted them to leave together, continent apart from each other, but their spirits have sure reunited and travel together. That is the only relief for us at this moment.

Please keep my mom and dad in your thoughts, they gave Brandy the most loving retirement home imaginable and I know how terribly hard her unexpected leaving is for them, especialy my dad, for whom she has been a trusty leader, partner and travelling companion for many years, in his team.

Godspeed Blacky, Godspeed Brandy. We loved you so.

Katerina and Team

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bea's blog said...

Oh Dear, what a tragedy!
We are sure thinking of you!
What special circumstances...two candles will be lightened still this evening.
•~♥~• •~♥~•