Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Solstice

It is here. The date everyone´s been looking forward to. June 21st. What´s so special about it, besides marking the first official astrological summer day?
Well, for some it is the holidays they´ve been longing for, time to relax, hopefully loads of sun, white nights, fishing, camping and so on.

For those of us, called dog mushers, it has a deeper meaning. The days will start getting shorter from now on, the nights will eventually bring back the moon and stars. This year the magic expression "the mornings will get colder" doesn´t really have that meaning, as it´s been darn cold the whole time, though :)

Why are we, dog mushers, so excited about shorter days, colder mornings and all that "strange" stuff? Because it all means our training and racing season will be under countdown from now on. There´s not much time left for our summer activities, as we have to start planning and working hard on the next mushing season.

For our kennel, there´s generally still a ton of summer projects on the go, that keeps us away from the focus on the season, but as soon as our next winter firewood is chopped and stored under the roof, and our dog yard rebuilt, I will be back into "business".

For now, I can reveal one major goal for the upcomming season, and that is getting myself in the best possible shape before the winter knocks on the door. It is simply a huge and unseparable part of this racing season´s deal for me.
There´s an exciting group of dogs to be trained this year and I can´t wait to start working with them as a team again. Stay tuned for more info!

For now, we wish you all a Happy Midsummer and Happy Trails!

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