Monday, June 22, 2009

Midsummer Extreme Outdoor "Korving"

Traditional Swedish Midsummer celebration was held on Friday. But we had it our own way, and decided to do something different, something fun and more outdoorsy and crazy :) To begin with, we chose yesterday, the real midsummer day, for our celebration.

We packed up some firewood, sausages and other necessities, and headed up the Vedjeöberget together with our new neighbours Thorsten and Alexandra.

While the boys made fire, Alexandra and I opened a bottle of champaigne and had a brief toast to the upcomming shorter days and longer nights, and the aproaching fall season.

At the top of the hill, the guys made a fire (first trying the outdoor fire starter, then simply resignating to the standard lighter), we chopped some wood, brought some dry branches from the woods, and started our Midsummer EXTREME OUTDOOR KORVING.

For those of you, who have NO idea, what the heck that means (except for the picture above), it is a very dificult discipline, only for the most skilled outdoor grillers :) The word "korving" derives from the word korv, which, in Swedish, means nothing less than a sausage :) Obviously, this inside joke, that came alive this past Easter, when the Wiedermayers spent a whole month at our place, will remain alive for quite a while. Extreme Outdoor Korving is a special discipline though, and requires a few special skills such as crazyness, willingness to try untraditional ways of grilling, consuming untraditional food and combinations, and the right kind of attitude. Simply said, it isn´t just for anybody :) Also, outdoor korving doesn´t reffer to only sausages, but anything that can be roasted, toasted, grilled or in our own terminology: "korved".

Speaking of which (untraditional food and combinations), here is an example of a perfectly done SMORE. Although very traditional in USA and Canada, not many people over here are aware of these special campfire "deserts", consisting of a roasted marshmallow, melted piece of quality milk chockolade, and two crackers. To Thorsten and Alexandra they were quite new, and including Jachym (who has expereinced them with me in Alaska and Canada), they were sure they will not like this "horrible" looking stuff. Whatever. Soon enough, both Jachym and Alexandra were doing just what the name s'more means - they liked them enough to want some more. :)

Oh yeah! Life is good. Eat, sleep and make smores :)

We sat, grilled, ate pasta salad, cooked coffee, laughed and simply had a great time till midnight. We talked about friends back in our home-countries, who do not believe us that we have 24 hours of daylight now, and that the sun sets at midnight here, only to rise again around 2:00 am.

This is the guys´ buggy. It isn´t just an ordinary buggy, it is an Expedition Buggy. Expedition buggies feature a 20l canister of water, foldable camping chairs on top of the roof, and a large tool box, filled with cool box and other campfire necessities :) The only problem with them is, that you get darn cold, if you drive a bit faster during these cold summer nights :(

And here´s a little midnight sunset for those, who don´t believe. Of course, taken from my beloved viewpoint. Do you feel the peace and magic?

More pictures to be found at:

Happy Midsummer to all! Hope you had a great time. Ours rocked!

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