Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First Meal

Star´s babies are 18 days old today and another big day had come, for them. To start eating specially prepared puppy formula. And they succeeded very well, immediately picking up the skills how to eat from the dish. Smart puppies! :)
They ate the formula completely, in just a few minutes, and licked the dish almost clean :)

Happy puppy with a full belly and entire head covered with food :)
BTW: This is Lucky and she is an expert in supplemenatl feeding :)

After good meal, a good deep sleep

and of course the obligatory daily weighing :) (This is Chip, who was too tired to fight with me as he usually does :))

And a short video to document it all (no sound this time):

P.S. Check out couple more videos on our YouTube channel, of the puppies at age 3 days. I found them now and realized I never posted these before.

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