Monday, April 20, 2009

Very sad day

Where to begin this sad post?
To say that we are heartbroken? To say that part of Kipp d´Amundsen kennels died today? And with it, a piece of us?

We knew it was coming, and yet we were not ready to see Lass, the oldest member of our family, strugle and fight with his failing body. He so much wanted to go on, I´ve never seen an old dog not not giving up as much as our tough Lass. But his condition was gradualy deteriorating the last couple weeks and one day, it became obvious that the time has come. And the time was today.

But what we didn´t know, and would have never guessed just a few days ago, was, that Ninon would decide to join her old fellow today.

Having to say the last good bye to our two oldest family members, friends which we raized since puppies, who shared nearly 16 years of their lives with us, at once, was one of the toughest moments in our lives. Never before did we have to part with more than one dog at a time. Yet, a certain relief of knowing we helped them out of pain, came, when they were gone.

It is still too much too early for me to share these news and too early to be able to write a tribute to both our furry friends now.
So, while two candles are burning side by side in a quiet corner of our home, I will end this entry by borrowing one old indian chief´s words: "it´s a good day to die". Because today, the sun shone and comforted us all with it´s warm rays. And the soft wind carried Lass and Ninon´s souls tenderly to eternity. And the very first two beautiful and fragile spring flowers came out on the south side of our house during this day...

Farewell, our friends, and may you be accepted well at the place to which you travel.

You were loved very very much.


Barbara Watt said...

Katerina -
What a very sad day for you. I will also light two candles for your beloved friends, if I may. And what a loving and beautifully written tribute to them both. The only problem with our dogs is that they don't live long enough. Long enough would be forever. Bless them and bless you for giving them a loving home and such a dignified goodbye.

Barbara in Montana

Katerina said...

Thank you very much, Barbara. It is very kind of you.

It is somewhat comforting, being able to share one´s feelings with the others, through the blog.

Once again, thank you for "stopping by" to read our blog.

Katerina and Team

Jojsan said...

I agree that it was a good day to go over the rainbow bridge! Sunny and a lovely spring. The only comfort is that they didn had a long and loving life with good people and animals around them!
I relly feel for U 2.
Take care and C u this summer....
Kennel UpNorth