Thursday, April 23, 2009

Four Musketeers and Melting Snow

The sad lonely spot after Lass and Ninon´s leaving needed to be filled with as much joy, as one could put together. And what is a better way to bring joy to us and to our four remaining canine senior citizens (aka the CSCs), than taking them for walks, letting them roam the woods and enjoy the past winter´s last snow? The walk today was one acceptionally nice.
The ultimate "dog walker" - the New York style :)
Featuring left to right: Ceeshiak, Coryuk, Blacky and Chyenne

Coryuk (13 yrs) and Blacky (15) cruising the woods

Coryuk and Ceeshiak - the everlasting baggers :)

Help! Attacked by bunch of geriatrics!

Coryuk on his way from the forrest...

... followed by his brother Ceeshiak...

...and kennel-mate Cheyenne (13,5)

Return of the musketeers

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