Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Swimming and Hiking

Ok, I had some complaints about not enough pictures on the blog lately.

Let me tell you, the latest weather (the heat wave we are having) is a test of one´s determination. To actually do some activity, when even the dogs just lay down and sleep, is tough. When sweat runs down your neck you dream of the snow and mountains..

I added another activity to my workout list - Swimming! :) It is actually a good preparation for the long, cold, dark winter mushing - the water is cold as ice. Brrrr. :)

Today we went to check out the cloudberry and blueberry "crops", which I am reporting to be GREAT! :)

I took one of our strongest dogs Balto and our youngest one - Skittles, but forgot to take the jogging belt. My arms felt very stretched after the first few hundred meters, so I made myself a provisory belt and double line from the dogs´ leashes. It was a fast and steady walk, let me tell you! Jachym constantly had to keep catching up with us :)

Over all a nice 3km walk to our favorite swamp and the Lillsjön (Little Lake).
Good training for the Saturday dog show :)


Mr."Smiles" - Sparky

Sparky having a swim

Returning from our walk to Lillsjön

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