Wednesday, June 6, 2007


yesterday I promissed to write why and how the heck am I gonna lose the weight and get shaped up, so here it goes.

But before I dive into my super-special-hi-tech strategies :), let me share a few photos. They are featuring me, myself and I :)

The pretty girl, weighing 75kg (165 lbs.) is me in the fall of 2001. The pictures are BTW from European championship in canicross, held in Czech Republic, and my comany sponsored the event by providing Eagle Pack dog food.

This picture features me a week ago, on a walk with our new leader Balto and 3 months old siblings Chilli and Ginger from our last litter of puppies. Here I am aproximatly 50kg heavier.

What these pictures have in common though (besides featuring the same myself), is the fact, that I was happy then, and I am generally happy again now. Except for my shape... :)

I´m posting these pictures to witness my transformation into my pretty, happy me again :)

Now WHY:
It is very simple, actually. To be healthier, happier, to fit my old nice clothes (it´s pretty cool, I´m gonna save a lot of money and at the same time get a whole lot of new things - as I don´t even remember how some of them look like!

But mainly BECAUSE we have great dogs. Young, perspective and ready to start racing mid and long distance races since this year. I am very proud of them and I want people to see how good performers they are, but if I don´t lose weight and get in shape, I will slow them down, get tired easily at checkpouints and camp outs. I wanna give them a top notch care at races, the same way we do here at home, where I have the help of Jachym. And I can do that only if I´m very fit myself.

Sounds like a good motive?

And finally HOW:
1.Change of diet (although we are eating quite healthy already, I´m cutting down on carbohydrates (mainly breads), coffee, beer and wine

2. Limiting sweets to 1x a week thing at most, as a very special treat and psychological factor to "know", that I´m not gonna be on a strict diet for over a year or so

3. Eating regulary and having dinner by 7:00 pm at latest. This is something that I believe is a key thing

4. Drinking more water. How the hack am I gonna do it I don´t know! I already drink about 3 liters of water every day, plus two 0,5 l mugs of green tea. But I know that with my overweight, I should be drinking 5l at least. Well, excercising and the recent heat are a good help :)

5. ACTIVITY - hiking, jogging (slowly and gradually), hiking with sticks (very popular here in Sweden), excercising on my TOTAL GYM 1000, nicknamed "Chuck Norris", as he did promote this work out tool once :), and on the "rotoped", which is a substitude for a real bike, which I at the moment don´t have and miss terribly.

My goal is to hike/jogg 1-2x a day, with a dog or with the sticks, and go for a longer hiking trip (which we do anyway) with Jachym and several dogs, every week - a full day event. We have a few plans of a 25km walk and if we ever get bikes, we´d do the same by wheels.

On top of all, I do take the smallest puppies every day for a short walk to the beach or into the forrest, and we try to take a couple of retired dogs for a short walk on a daily basis too.

I haven´t started on "Chuck Norris" and the "bike" yet, but need to incorporate it into my busy schedule somehow, to do it at least 2-3 times a week, building it gradually to a daily basis.

And did I tell you about the 25kg boxing "bag" and my boxing gloves? Or I forgot to mention that once upon a time, I used to do kickboxing and was pretty good at it? Well, I´m sure the boxing thing will come up sooner or later... :)

Let´s see, how my first week goes,



Anonymous said...

This makes sense! To think healthy in stead of thinking diet, diet is the way to go. Keep up the good work,- I cheer you on! And I agree, this time of year is very good at bonding to your dogs on a one to one basis.

Katerina said...

Thank you, Kari!
I generally don´t like summer all that much, perhaps the least of all seasons, but I love the 101 with my dogs! :)