Sunday, July 26, 2015

Kennel Crew Members Wanted For Fall And Winter

We are looking for kennel help for various time periods:

- Mid August - November 1-2 persons
- October - March/April 2 persons

We are also beginning to accept applications for Spring and Summer 2016.

Preferably long term, but short term (at least 4 weeks) would work too. Couples welcome!

Here is more information. Please share with your dog loving friends!
Does a life on a remote wilderness homestead in northern Sweden, self-sufficiency, raising dogs naturally, holistic dog health care, positive reinforcement based training, natural dog nutrition, herbalism, healthy life-style interest you? 
Here is your chance to work with a large pack of 60+ wonderful huskies and to learn how to take care of them on top level and how to work and live on a small farm. 

Are you hard working? Responsible? Committed? Self motivated? Flexible? Are you a team player but can work alone too? 
If so, then this might be the opportunity for you.

We are looking ONLY for serious, hard working folks who are willing to give their best in order to learn the most. Who can still share a smile and nice word even when they are exhausted. Someone with a serious interest and love of dogs and their care. Could that be you?

Why do we ask these questions? Because the work is not glorious, you´ll be picking dog poop (lots of it) every day, you´ll be carrying heavy buckets with dog food twice a day, regardless of the weather you´ll be outside every day. You will be dirty, and wet and cold and covered in dog hair too. You will have a chance to visit "civilization" once a week if lucky and your "social life" will consist of playing with dogs and communicating with us. The pay sucks, it´s basically just a stipend that will cover your groceries and a little more.
It is  no place for anyone who wants to "visit Sweden and in return get a place to sleep and do a few daily tasks". 

But if you are ready to commit yourself, give your best and open yourself to learning LOTS of new things, you will get a LOT back!
You´ll have a cozy place to sleep, with bathroom and equipped kitchenette,  we´ll occasionally share a meal and socialize, and you will learn how to professionally take care of a large kennel of sled dogs, using natural medicine and holistic approaches. You will learn how to prepare and compose feeding programs for special needs, how to work with herbs for dogs and if you stay long enough, you´ll get a chance to learn how to forage herbs and other wild "gifts".
We are a licensed, MUSH with P.R.I.D.E. multiple certified kennel and Katerina is an author of Feeding Your Pets The Natural Way book, while working on more titles. She is also an animal wellness consultant, REIKI therapist and herbalist.

Autumn and winter are mostly focused on training the sled dog teams - help and assistance with harnessing, taking care of the sled dogs before and after training. Occasionally you will get a chance to come along for a run and if you are lucky you may get a chance to help with training the dogs and learn how to drive a small dog team.

Fall and winter are also about preparing wood for the winter, berry picking, clearing trails for the winter and all sorts of kennel repairs and maintenance before the big freeze and snow arrive.

Our retired sled dogs require a lot os special care too - from medical care to wellness, individual training and walks.

You won´t be bored! :)

Sounds good? Then drop us an email or private message on Facebook (Katerina Paleckova)

Katerina and The Huskies


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