Thursday, March 22, 2012

Time to Thank You

It´s time to thank our sponsors, supporters and partners for helping us during the 2011/12 season and for being part of the team, allowing us follow and live our dreams! Without the kind support of each and every one of them we wouldn´t be able to do what we love.

To be able to do what we do, to be able to provide the best care we can to our four legged athletes, and to commit to improving their health, wellness and happiness, we also need a good handler crew and thus we want to thank to our 2011/12 Crew - San, Reb and Steve, Kristyna and Flores. You guys rock!

Please take a minute of your time to view all our 2011/12 sponsors, partners and supporters - from corporate sponsors to individual folks who stepped in and sponsor one or more of the furry kids, or who bought my ceramics and handcrafts, to friends and family who donated their time, sent luxurious musher trail snacks, sent in motivational messages and words of encouragement.

We are forever thankful to our family, with our parents Ivana, Vlady and Eva on top of the list. You are the best parents one could ever wish for!

Without companies like Troll Hundefor (manufacturers of Troll dog food, which our huskies are powerd by, represented by their CEO Roar Wolden, a great guy who supports the sport of mushing passionately for years), Vom og Hundemat (and the representatives of this excellent meat for working dogs, Jörgen and Patrick Lövgren), Zero DC and it´s dynamic owners Dagmar and Jiri Nesnera, whose revolutionary harnesses are a step forward in providing better care and equipment for sled dogs, Marie Ericsson and Tore Martinsson from the ERMA-Grann Garden farmers shop in Stromsund, service minded folks who don´t know the word "no", or the Holistic Shop, who provides healthy and natural supplements, nutrition and health care products for animals and their owners. 

The sport of dog mushing is more and more popular, but still in comparison with other sports, medially known and covered, it is tiny. And as that, every company who is willing to cooperate and support us in this sport, should know how very much they are appreciated.
It would be a great help if you would look up their services and products, tell them we sent you, if you purchase anything, or send them a short message, letting them know you appreciate their support of our team and the sport of dog mushing. Thank you! ♥

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