Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dog Handler/Kennel Help Needed for 2011/12 Season

Pro informace v cestine kliknete prosim ZDE.

We are looking for a dog handler for the upcomming season 2011/12.
We prefer someone to come either for the whole season (Sept-March/April) or for the autumn (September - November/December) or winter (December - March/April).
Work includes taking care of our 50 siberian husky sled dogs, poop scooping, feeding, puppy walks, assisting with training with possibility to drive your own team (depending on your skills and experience), help with basic house and garden chores, kennel and dog equipment repair, maintenance work, keeping dog kitchen facility in order, help with stacking of dog food, straw, wood, occassional help with guests of our Outdoor Tour Programs, etc.

In return we offer a very nice cozy accommodation in your own cabin or room, with your own bathroom (might be shared with guests at times), good food and company, plus the unforgetable experience of the Scandinavian North, a small stipend and mainly the lifetime oportunity to work with siberian huskies and to learn about their character, training, care, nutrition and racing.
It is sometimes a tiring, demanding physical work, but as many of our former dog handlers say, it is very rewarding in the form of unconditional dog love, unique experiences and learning of new skills.

You need to be at least a bit physically fit, like dogs and animals, have sense of humor and responsibility, and good attitude. Non smoker. Drivers license and a refference/letter of recommendation is highly apreciated.

Wanna try to live in the pristine wilderness on a remote farm and accept the challenge of caretaking of 50 canine athletes?
To get an idea of what this job is about, we highly recommend you to read the blog of our former handler Nardo Drouven.

If you would like to get more information or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

You can learn more about our kennel, dogs and us on our kennel website or at our outdoor adventure company website, or just browse through the blog! :)

Please share/repost to your friends and folks you think might be interested (and suitable :) Thanks!

Pro informace v cestine kliknete prosim ZDE.


Petra "Veverka" said...

sounds great! quite interested. always wanted to try mushing but never did. like your web. greeting from Czech. Petra

Katerina said...

Hi Petra!
Thanks for your comment. If you are interested in more info, please feel free to contact us by email. You can also find me on Facebook (Katerina Paleckova).

If you are seriously interested, could you please also write us a bit about yourself? Thanks!

yourlilrascal said...

Hello Katerina and all apart of the family.I would like to take the time to give you my information a bit.I am very interested in this line of help( as I do not see this as work).The duties involved seem to be something I participate in all the time where I live.I have only one dog though not 50 (heehee).I adore the challenges.This would be the ultimate vacation for me.It would be much easier to contact by phone somehow to give my situation as I live in Canada,Make good money at my warehousing job.I am willing drop everything including my house for CHANGE and peace.I am fit athletic and LOVE not only dogs but the wild kingdom.My boy Diesel(DMac) is a husky also.Would there be any room for him? It is imparative that he comes with me.Perhaps HE could play a role somehow.Please reply with any info to help me out and/or contact number.My email is,I applaud you and all you do in regards to respect and harmony with nature.