Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring and a bit about the Team

Astrologically spring is here, but the snow conditions are still perfect and we had another lovely 40km run on this first spring day.

Star and Ziggi led Jachym´s team

while I took out two of my three super girls - Taz and Rapid.

Today I decided to take pictures of all the 10 dogs in my team and tell you a bit more about them:

Rapid finally gained a lot of confidence over this season and learned to not mind the pushy, sometimes totally unbearable Tazlina. She doesn´t even get disturbed by Tazlina´s evil looks anymore while they ate their trail snacks of frozen meat :)

Here are two "motors" and the core of my this year´s race team - Krtek and her "auntie" Magpie, who often run in point.

Since the trainings are not as tough, long and demanding, 2 years old HuggyBear (High Flyer Kipp d´Amundsen) is back in the main string. And he does really well! He also had a great mentor on this run, one of the kennel´s top dogs Goosak.

Goosak finally "matured" in the eating department this winter, and eats most of his trail snacks, even with apetite :)

Here are even some more wonderful dogs - Frostie (who will be turning 9 in April already - where does the time go?!!) and Chilli, who is the most athletical dog with the most serious work ethic I´ve ever known. He will be soon featured on the "Dog of the Month" page.

And finally today´s wheel dogs, who, as usual, decided to play a little game with me, as soon as I pulled out the camera. If Magneto looks into the camera, Nugget stares into the ground.

And vice versa!

Here´s what I managed to shoot of Jachym´s team during a short "roll in the snow" break. Not much, I know.

Left to right: Skittles with Snowy and with Jachym is Canuck and Runner.

Both teams upon arrival in the dog yard. Parking nicely by themselves. They sure learned the parking routine nicely over the winter of frequent camping trips and spending time in race checkpoints. "Arrive - move into left or right side of trail - stop - lay down - wait for the musher to bring snacks, take off booties and give belly rubs". Simple :)

Super Taz

Super Rapid

and Super Ziggi
who proves herself to be an excellent puppy leader and mentor, by the way. She sure has a long career secured for years to come, even after she´ll retire from the main string one day. Hopefully, that won´t happen so soon yet, as this little dog has drive and guts many big leggy dogs could envy.

Next post: another puppy run report. Stay tuned!

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