Saturday, March 19, 2011

Teenage Force and New Leading Talent

With the arrival of our "spring" handlers Misa and Nardo, the hopes for our doggy teenagers, to start regularly running in front of the sled, rose.

And as soon as Polardistans was over, my promise to them came true. We started running the yearlings (aka The Puppies, aka The C Team) on a regular basis again!

Misa´s team: In lead Granite and Ginger, wheel: Chip

Although we still have one more race to look forward to, before the 2011 racing season is over, with two already experienced and very nice helpers, things are running smoothly in the kennel and more stuff gets done.
So while we still train the main string dogs on a regular schedulle for several hours a run, we try to focus on the youngsters as much as we can, while the beautiful spring-winter weather lasts.

We managed to get 18 dogs to run yesterday, divided in four different teams:

Ziggi + Magpie
Snorka + Maggie
Rizey + Iceman

Granite + Ginger

Nitro + Huggy Bear
Maya + Inuk

and finally

Ziggi + Modra (!) (yes, you actually read correct!)
Joey + Chisana
Dasher + Lucky

The trails were fairly icy so we all welcomed the much needed heavy snowfall, that came while we ran the puppies.

Misa snacking Inuk and Maya with a tasty frozen herring.

All the youngsters did great, were already a lot calmer at hook up (and majority even let us put their harnesses on :)) and didn´t fuss around and tangle so much while running.

Of course the difference in their age and experience is quite obvious, and Chip, Lucky and Chisana are like pros comparing to the younger guys.

Nardo´s leaders Huggy Bear and Nitro receiving well deserved praise.

There is one team I have to mention more closely, though. The last one on the list above. If you read the names of the dogs correctly, you will realize that all except for Ziggi are rookies. And despite that fact, they all did a tremendous job and worked very nicely.¨

Modra (left) and Ziggi holding the team lined up after the run.

But the sweetest treat always come at the end - as you can see, Modra ran beside Ziggi in lead. And in that spot, she excelled! She stood calmly at start, did not tangle once, and really led the team of her teenage friends all the way. And how fast she is, it´s incredible to watch her drive and acceleration.
With parents like Mouse (one of the smartest dogs we ever had) and Nugget (the consistant driving force of my race team), there is no wonder this girl is talented. But seeing her do such great job so young always puts a huge smile on my face.

Our new leading "rising star" Modra (pictured with her mentor, experienced race leader and mainstring dog Ziggi), only 17 months old.

Over all, a great day and I can´t wait to see how all the kids will progress as we spend more and more time (not just) on the trail with them.

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