Monday, March 21, 2011

Puppytrainings Have Started!

post by Nardo Drouven

So, finally another blogpost, the days fly by here at the farm, today is our free day, so we have some more time for just focussing on ourselves, and calming myself down to write a blogpost again ;-)

It is the first day of Spring! it is rainy and sunny at the same time, like a real spring-day ought to be :-)
Today Cal made gf muffins, chocolate version this time, they;re awesome! also, last week, the "puppy trainings" started... these are not really puppy trainings, since we do not have any puppies at the moment, but we call the youner dogs puppies all the same... and... honestly, they behave like it ;-)
A puppy run is a short run with four dogs, usually 2 or three young dogs and 1 or 2 adult dogs. The older and experienced dogs help the training in showing the young ones what to do, and perhaps more importantly, what not to do... the runs are short, about 5km so the young ones do not get too tired... The runs are intended to let them get used to running on the lines and pull a sled, as well as building their condition.

This trail is rather a challenge for us, it is rather curvy and bumpy, compared to the Finnish swamp-trails, so I ended up in the snow already once every run we did up till now. Also the sleds are different than the ones we used in Finland, these are a bit harder to steer and run a bit different, so we have to get used to them as well, and of course it;s not the easiest to sled with four over excited teenagers in front of you ;-) But I am determined to learn and manage! what the hell! it;s such a blast! :-)

Cheers from Vedjëon!


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