Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another Great Puppy Run

One of the reasons I love the spring time is exactly this:

Ginger (left) and Ziggi taking a swing on a crossing, leading the yearling team.

Huggy Bear (right) is all new in this leading business. He has a very patient and super kind mentor in Granite.
Ginger seems to really enjoy the short, fast runs with the youngsters, so does Ziggi.

Go puppies!
Brothers Iceman and Inuk working hard in wheel.

Nardo´s team catching up.

Puppies working hard and doing a great job up a steep hill.

And so do these four guys.

Speeding home.
Katerina´s team: Ziggi and Ginger, Snorka and Maggie and Inuk with Iceman in wheel.

Nardo´s team: Granite and Huggy Bear, his sister Rizey and her son Joey.

Happy dogs!

ICEMAN Kipp d´Amundsen (Anumati z Uralu "Mouse" x Gold Nugget Kipp d´Amundsen)

and his brother INUKSHUK Kipp d´Amundsen

Aren´t they handsome?!

MAGGIE Kipp d´Amundsen (Horizon Hunter Kipp d´Amundsen "Rizey" x Nay-La-Chee´s CHILL OUT BALTO)

Ziggi - pretty, smart and dependable little lead dog

And the happy mushers:

Katerina with Iceman

and Nardo with Huggy Bear and Granite

Weather was marvelous, the huskies worked beautifully - another great puppy run!

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