Sunday, April 25, 2010

When One is Lovin´ Their Job

You´ve read about Galena (on picture above, lead dog on the left) many times on this blog and our website. She is a super leader and a wonderful dog. Her omnipresent smile tells all about how she likes her job.

You´ve also "met" Nitro, the handsome fella, running beside Galena, with the big and confident smile.

But what you don´t know is that Nitro has tried leading only couple of times, in the middle of a run, in a considerably smaller team than this.

And here he is, confidently leading a 16 dog team during yesterday´s run. And loving his job to the fullest. I am totally blown away by his performance, obedience and desire! Atta boy, Nitro!

So meet Nitro - the future main string lead dog!

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