Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring Birds

The weather is marvelous lately. Sunny days, still enough snow to run the puppies and seniors, yet not too cold to stay out in short sleeves and photograph the birds. And they are very happy to see the spring come.

Among the first were the geese I´ve heared and saw flying low above the kennels the other day, as if to say hallo and bring greetings from faraway lands, as they returned from the south, and headed to our northern lakes to nest.

Also the first herrons start to show up and we hear their cries that echo over Vattudalen´s mighty waters.

Even the coockoo is heared and at night, the small gray owls sing their blue tunes.

The road edges are full again with grouse, who walk slowly and seemingly arogantly along side.

These guys that we managed to photograph are not really spring birds, but they sure are busy and full of life now, that spring is on it´s way.

Some don ´t mind the company

while others keep for themselves

some feel comfortable only among similarly sized buddies

and are afraid of the big guys

some prefer to eat and watch everything
from the safety of the big larch tree

while others hide on the "bird tree", which will
turn into green retreat in a month´s time

And some don´t care about the sunflower seeds at the
feeder and search for tasty worms and bugs on the ground.

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