Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rizey´s in Labour!

She started the first contractions about 20 minutes ago, so that is a promise of a very long night. Jachym is already camped out in the kitchen with his sleeping bag, Rizey cudled up with him, and they snooze together.

Let´s hope all goes well with the delivery for both mom and the babies. I saw them kicking around quite hard earlier this evening, making their way closer to the entrance to the world :)

For those of you, who missed my earlier postings about this litter, the father-to-be is one of our leaders and mainstring dogs, Femundlopet and Polardistans finisher, Balto (Nay-La-Chee´s Chill Out Balto). Quite exciting combination, indeed, although quite accidental as well! LOL
(Note: read more about it in the entry, called "against all odds").

I guess I will be back several times during the night with more news for the Kipp d´Amundsen Discussion group.

Grabbing my sleeping bag and joining my partner and dog,


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