Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Nugget and Mouse Have an Announcement

While we´re still waiting for Rizey to finally give birth to her puppies (she sure knows how to keep us on our toes!), I might as well finally announce the news, we´ve been waiting to announce for so long :)

You might remember me mentioning in one of my August entries, that we might have another litter this year. So now, that it is confirmed, I would like to inform with no further due, that Mouse is expecting babies with Nugget :)

This is a litter we´ve been especially exitingly waiting for to happen, for a long time.
You see, I´ve always been wanting to connect the bloodlines of our first "A" litter with those of Buck. We´ve tried different combinations of these for quite a while, but for various reasons it never turned out.

While Nugget is still fairly young (he turned 3 this past June), he was the most impressive dog on my main string team last year, and was chosen for the 8dog team to run the Femundlopet 400. His athleticism, performance and attitude were just stunning and I was blown away by the stride, in which he took the hard training. As I would never push a young dog (Nugget was 2,5 years old when the serious training began), I kept telling myself that the moment I will see him not having fun or working too hard, I will cut him from the team. But he made it all the way to the race team, with so much confidence. He is truely his father´s son and makes Buck very proud.

Mouse is the only descendant of our first litter and she is a solid leader and probably the smartest dog in the entire kennel. We love her outgoing, happy go lucky nature. She is easy going with all dogs and cats, can walk loose and is the most easy to handle dog. She is a very special character. Mabye some of you remember my encounter with the moose three years ago. Mouse was one of the main leaders then, and she bravely charged against the beast and hung by it´s lip. The cow sent her flying in the air in a big circle and I was scared we will lose her. Mouse and Ziggi (the second leader) eventually made the brave effort of turning the team carefully around and took us to safety, despite a horrible tangle, bruised up bodies and shaken minds. We thought she will never recover from the attack mentally, as she refused to run for nearaly the rest of the winter, but the next season she was back to her happy self. A definite hero in our eyes.

Here is a link to the pedigree of the future litter:

Mouse is due the first weekend of October, which is (how else) another working weekend for us, as we are planing to go to the Internatinoal Sled Dog Symposium in Kiruna. We have already gotten used to this special law :)

It´s gonna be quite puppy-filled winter this year! :)


Anonymous said...

Great news for Mouse & Nugget. More and more I read the more I look toward your next post.

Katerina said...

Thank you Rick. It´s very incouraging :)