Sunday, July 19, 2009

Treasure Hunt

For about 2 years now, there is treasure hidden in our neighbourhood. The old pirate Jachym burried it by the old pirate ship wrack.

If you are questioning my sanity, bare with me and keep reading :)
We´ve already had an occasional treasure hunter knock on our door at various times of the day (and once a night), with a victorious smile, telling us he or she found the treasure!

On Friday, while we made a quick visit to our neighbours, Jachym found this note and a smiley magnet in our mail box. Another fortunate hunter was telling us he found Jachym´s treasure. The rule is, one has to stop by at our house and have a cup of coffee, when the hunt is successful, so we were quite sorry we missed the newest winner.

To understand better what the heck I´m talking about, please visit to find out more about this awsome outdoor fun! And perhaps you can try it out yourself.

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