Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sunday Candy and Friday Toys

Yesterday was Friday, which means several things in our household.
Besides Friday night being "the movie night" around here, we often hit the road and drive 25 miles to our nearest town of Strömsund, to do grocery and other supplies shopping, send mail, go to the bank and other stuff that keeps us reminded that there is civilization out there.

Occassionaly we would drop by Dollar Store (same like Buck Store in USA) to pick up some chips, chocolate, resupply water buckets for the dogs, etc. And when puppies are around, we go crazy picking up all kinds of funny toys for them.

Now, if you think that we just buy a few toys once the puppies are big enough, and resupply for the next litter, basically just replacing destroyed ones, you are actually very wrong! Our puppies wait with anticipation what are mom and dad gonna bring them home this time, from the big shopping. And like in many families, we´d bring them a few more toys, like a sunday candy.

Before you start questioning our sanity and think that we should hold on for a minute and realize that they are dogs and not children, that they are actually future rough tough sled dogs, let me make one clear point. Yes, we do admit and are proud of calling our four legged companions our family. To the fullest. To the Friday toys for the puppies and the sunday pig ears for the adults. They are and always will be our children. No difference if we have 2 or 40. None of our dogs have so far let us down on the tough trail, just because we treated them like spoiled brats when they were little.

So here´s some of the future athletes of the sled dog sports, with their Friday toys! :)

Chuchinka fell for the shiny colorful soft ball

Let´s play some football, sis!

Lucky and Chilko: "we are one team"

Chip wants to take the frog´s eyes.
Doesn´t it look like it could be from the Muppets?
It actually makes a "ribbit" sound, when smashed hard

The muppet frog flew immediately up in the ranks
Still tonight, it keeps nr.1 possition :)

Lucky - the proud winner of "The battle for frog"

Chilko also enjoys his short moments of victory

Chignik munches on the ball his vicious sister
Chuchinka left behind, as she joined " The battle for frog"

Chisana fell asleep right in the middle of the toys.
She preffers the "oldies" and the dotted
chicken often makes her pillow.

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