Thursday, April 2, 2009

I am Proud

The advantage of not having to train for races is that one can focus on for example leader training, without much stress and time-table that needs to be followed.

I for example can plan out a route, get on the trail, and suddenly decide I wanna make that little loop to the right of the usual direction. Assuming I have dogs that obey and listen to my commands instead of following a track that they travelled the whole winter.

Galena and Ziggi (left picture below) are such dogs. They obey my commands nearly perfectly. The reason I say "nearly" is because they are living beings with their moods, ideas, good days, bad days - just like us, humans. So while I think these girls are the "perfect" leaders, I can´t say they are "100% command leaders", and I honestly don´t believe there ever was, is or will be one. Unless it has a computer in it´s head or is robotized.

While Ziggi, Galena and Tazy belong to my first class leaders, followed by some nice surprises such as Star, Goosak and latest adition Music, our youngest generation of trainees has also two shining stars in the field of leading. Tazy´s daughters Snowy and Krtek (right picture above) both have the brains and the guts to run upfront. I can´t wait to incorporate them in the main string team this comming season!

So what does belong to the leader training? On some of the past runs I made all kinds of different circles, and I even did an off-trail/open field training by asking the girls to gee off the track in the middle of Spjutvattnet lake. Never asked them to do so before. It was so cool to see them do it on my command.

I am very proud!

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