Sunday, April 5, 2009

What a Weekend!

Our friend Susanne was fortunate last year at the Siberian Husky Club Specialty Show, when the owner of the best in show winning dog, Karsten Gronass, gave her one of his prizes - A gift certificate for a Training Weekend at our Nordic Husky Farm Outdoor Tours & Adventures.

She phoned me at the end of the winter and asked if she could take her boyfriend Roger with her, together with her 6 siberian huskies.
Little did we know.... :)
So this past Friday, the trip finally became a reality and they arrived at our place in the evening. We helped them make their dogs a cozy place on the stakout on our parking lot, with plenty of straw to rest on, and went inside to debate about... what else than dogs :)
Saturday was a busy day, despite the horrible weather - it´s been raining and melting for the last couple days and the temperatures climbed as high as +8 or 10°C.

First a puppy walk, after energy filling breakfast - consisting of home baked bread buns (Jachym´s specialty), smoked moose heart (Susanne´s speciality) and some local goat cheese wasn´t missing either.

Then a 12km sled run - perhaps one of the last ones for this season.

Roger would drive their 6 dogs, Susanne borrowed 6 dog team from us and I drove as the guide an 8 dog team. The trails were terribly soft, the snow was deep and slushy and it rained and rained, but even the worst of weather could not effect the mood....

... during the puppy walk, Susanne and Roger got engaged, in the pouring rain, in the middle of our wilderness "backyard"!!!

Congratulations guys, we all wish you loads of love, understanding and fun in the future, and as we simply say, many Happy Trails!

Before we went sledding, we went through correct harness fits and harness types, and after our arrival, a little surprise was awaiting Susanne and Roger, in the form of romantic dinner with canlde lights, moose speciality, some flowers and a Princess cake.

Sunday was the "theory" day - we went through equipment, camping gear, and also discussed training and covered some issues of leader training.

There was enough time to cuddle with the H litter puppies, to read a book, browse the internet and simply relax by the fireplace. Hard to blieve, the weekend went by incredibly fast and soon it was time to say goodbye.

We feel very honored, that Susanne and Roger chose Nordic Husky Farm and Kipp d´Amundsen Kennels as the place for their special moment. We sure won´t forget this visit!

What a great weekend!

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Susanne said...

We sure wont forget it either! It was perfect. You really made us feel welcome, I could have stayed for a week. Hope to see you again! Thank you for making our special moment even more special. Hugs Susanne & Roger