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Finnmarkslopet 2009: Part 3 - Alta and Musher Meeting

Before I start writing the post, I would like to thank Hans Peter Dalby, Finnmarkslopet PR and media manager, for allowing me using one of the race office laptops. Without a computer, it is very tough to send updates, which I otherwise have to do via Jachym`s mobile phone. He also informed me I might be able to use the computers in checkpoints, to bring you the latest happenings on the trail.

As I mentioned, today we dropped the food bags and checked dogs and microchips. All went smoothly and we got to hand around the center of Alta, while waiting for the musher meeting.

The race office and souvenir shop has awsome, super friendly folks work here and the atmosphere not just here, but around the whole city is just incredible. Very calm, friendly and very international! :)

There is very little snow here this year unfortunately, but the weather is marvelous, sun shines and the blue sky reflects the blue sea in the fjord.

In every sport shop you can buy mushing boots, in regular food supermarket even a ski pulka! Alta lives with mushing and Finnmarkslopet!

I had a chance to chat with fellow musher Fredrik Filander from Sweden, who drives the 500km race with purebred siberian huskies, for his first time. I wish him good luck!

I also spoke with Sigrid Ekran, who is very excited about running her first Finnmarkslopet 1000, and although she said her goal is simply to finish, I personally believe she is a musher to watch!

American mushers and race fans might like to hear Mark Chang and Jason Young are running this year. Speaking of which, this year`s race marshal is American musher Don Lyrek.

Just a bit of info from the musher meeting:

There will be 10 vets at the race this year, watching over the dog`s health and two medical assistants for the humans.

The official opening ceremony starts on the main square in few minutes, so I will be back with reports from that later.

Some reflections are below the pictures:

Sigrid Ekran

The Alta newspaper is full of Finnmarkslopet news

The race official sponsor board

Musher meeting

Trail maps available to copy

Hans Peter Dalby presenting the Finnmarkslopet 2009

Race marshal Don Lyrek

There will be a lot of media coverage this year, and the Norwegian TV will broadcast every day the latest news. Look for the TV program at

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