Sunday, February 8, 2009

Update on Nugget

After a really nice and fast 38 mile (60km) on January 7, Nugget was ok. But the next day he limped on three legs and didn´t want to come out of this dog house. I found which of his toes was painful, but it wasn´t svollen. REIKI healing and aplication of Arnica tincture and some time spent home took away the most acute pain, but Nugget limped along for several days. The nail was dark in color and we began to worry a part of the claw "bed" could be broken, so a trip to the vet, for an x-ray was in order.
The x-ray found only a bit svollen tisue around the claw, nothing broken, thankfully! Our vet Cathrine Domeij confirmed "black nail" from being hit by something - most likely a stick sticking out of the trail, being hit in higher speed, on the icey surface.

Nugget however enjoyed thoroghfully his stays indoors, with the Reiki healing and massage sessions :) As soon as the pain and limping was gone, he was ready for serious work again. We are very relieved as this boy is forming out to be one of the strongest and most important pillars of our 2009 main string team.

I would like to report that now, a month later, Nugget continues to be in a great condition and one of the most reliable members of the A team - totally focused, determined, strong and fast. He also learned to save his energy and uses every stop we make on the trail to lay down and conserve a bit of energy for the rest of the long run. Same as most of the experienced veterans. Remember that Nugget is only a bit over 2,5 years old and thus one of the dogs we watch closely for any signs of overworking or not enjoying themselves on the runs. He is an amazing athlete and makes us very proud already! :)


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