Sunday, February 8, 2009

Puppy Follow Up

I haven´t informed you about the happenings on the puppy front for a looong time. In the meantime they grew from cute little puppies into obnoxious monsters and on Tuesday they will celebrate their 5 months "birthday".

Here is a little update on everyone:

First puppy to leave our home and head out for exciting new life with our friend Haagen Björgum and family, from Stjördal, Norway, was HILL STRIKER Kipp d´Amundsen aka "Striker".

Haagen came for a visit with his team and daughter Aud-Kristine in mid December and we trained together, plus ran a training race in Lillholmsjö, before he took Striker to Norway.

It was hard for us to part with him, as with any other puppy we´ve bred, but Striker so quickly attached to his new humans, that it was a good feeling at the end. He will have a wonderful home with Haagen and we will see him at races, occasionally on shows, etc.

We met again in Lillholmsjö during a weekend race in January and we saw he is totally happy. He even remembered me and jumped in my arms to give kisses.
Here are a few pics of Striker, the day he left to his new family:

With Haagen and Aud-Kristine

At 4 months - his big ears are finally up! :)

The next puppy that left was Chasey, aka HURRICANE CHASER Kipp d´Amundsen. Chasey has been a big favourite, especially of Jachym, and we took really long time before we let our friend Rikke Bergendahl of Nay-La-Chee Siberian Husky Kennel in Oslo, Norway, know that she can come to pick her female puppy from our H litter up. If it was anybody else, Chasey would have stayed with us. Rikke made sure to bring enough "tools" to bribe Jachym - Rum and Snickers and some other goodies, including tons of Norwegian cheese :)

Chasey "suffering" on the couch at Rikke´s place :)

We had a great New Year´s celebration, made daily puppy walks and trained dogs. Along with Rikke, we had another guest to celebrate the New Year with - our close friend Malin Aspaas. Malin had been following the development of the H litter from the very beginning and on the New Year´s day, we agreed on her to take HIDALGO, whom she picked up at the end of January. Hidalgo grew very close to our hearts as well and I swore that if it doesn´t turn out for some reason, we will keep him. With Malin, he has a great home though, a good company of another siberian husky and a pack of malamutes and greenlanders, and we are excited to follow his progress and development.

Malin with her boy - it was love at first sight :)

All three will be sorely missed, but we´ll see all of them at races, on shows, mutual trainings and trips to the mountains. It is a great feeling, placing them with good friends.

As for the four monsters that we decided to keep, there will be new pictures hopefully soon, so stay tuned!

You have probably already guessed - Hawky (HUNTING HAWK), Runner (HARD RUNNER), Huggy Bear (HIGH FLYER) and Rizey (HORIZON HUNTER) are all staying with us. I also finally managed to create their own personal pages on our website, so have a look and read a bit more about the brats there.

And that´s all for the latest puppy news,


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