Thursday, June 7, 2007


Looong day today. Yawn. I´m ready to crowl to bed.

Started by having a delicious breakfast consisting of fruit salad with pumpkin, flax and sun flower seads, ground wheat germs and a cloudberry yogurt. Aren´t you already drewling? :) Yummy!

Had a very busy day with work, a customer, and really took the time to make a nice, healthy lunch - our favourite cuscus with chick peas, dried and fresh tomatoes, olive oil, parsley and other herbs.

The breeze outside today was very helpful, so as part of my excercise I decided to be useful, and finally mowed the grass around our driveway. If someone thinks this doesn´t count as an excercise, please come over and we´ll talk about your sweat and the back and forth walking around 2000 square meteres of not really flat property :)
Okey, I have one black dot today - I found no time for Chuck Norris or Da bike :(

Trying to make up for this crime, we took Tazlina and Canuck for a hike to the beach and island and back, and right after that I jumped into my "work clothes", grabbed the sticks and took a fast walk. Sweating like the pink animal that likes to be dirty (I actually never saw a sweating pig, have you?), I got home, followed by a paparazzi and a convoy of followers. Gosh, I have lots of fans and supporters! It´s a pitty they all bite! Not the paparazzi :)

Well, here´s some pics from today, I´m off to bed.

Way to the island

Tazlina loves water!

My suppa breakfast :)

End of trail!
(I look like an "old geezer" on this picture, damn paparazzi!)

Goals for Friday: I don´t expect much out of myself. We´re going for a visit and I am ready to say no to coffee or alcohol. I´m not very sure about an ice-cream, though. If it´s worth it, I´ll make it the "one sweet alowed" day of the week :) But I will take a hike, no matter what!

Yawn, Yawn,


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