Thursday, June 7, 2007


Before the day rolls in a full speed, here are a few notes from yesterday.

First of all, let me start with a big thank you to everyone for the great support!
So far I received numerous comments from friends whom I sent a link to the blog, and a few online comments already, and even some tips and ideas for my workouts and dieting!
THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! I really appreshiate it.

The heat had loosened up cosiderably (mabye we´ll finally be able to train the team very early in the morning), but the shade offers hundreds of mosquitos and my huge enemies - the "knots". Don´t know what they are called in English, sorry.
Despite the "black tiny demons" we took the puppies and their mom Comet out for a walk in the forrest, which now looks more like a jungle, the branches and leaves grew fast and huge. We promissed the little ones (the puppies, not the mosquitos) a bath in the two ponds, about 1km above the house, but within a few days, there´s more less just mud there and zillions of...... you know what I mean :) The pupps didn´t mind at all and took a "bath" anyway :)

Our neigbours wittnessed me marching fast by, around 9:00 pm again, this time with sticks and Maya in harness. Maya needs more confidence building, so it was now her turn for a walk.

I jokingly thought for myself that if I keep on doing this every day at nine, people will soon set their watches by me, and I remembered the story of Lassie :)

Couple thoughts:
I find these walks very rewarding, despite the insect atttacks and the sweat running down my face, neck, etc. I found out that I clear my head from the daily buzz around the kennel, house and office work.

Since I ate only a whole-grain cereal (Bran flakes) with low fat milk in the morning, a vegetable salat with tuna fish for lunch and a slice of whole-grain dark bread with cottage cheese and tomato at 7:00 pm, I felt very very light, and mainly filled up with energy! I noticed already a long time ago that when I eat regulary smaller amounts and lighter food, and dring acordingly, I don´t feel as tired and lazy to do something, but instead I feel my body filling up with energy :)

I must admit I felt a bit tired by 10:00 pm, after feeding the dogs and watering all of our outside flowers, and eaten a nectarine and drank about 0,5l water.

THE GOAL for today, on top of the evening walk, is working out inside on Total Gym and let´s call it "DA BIKE", to stretch all my muscles :)



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