Friday, June 8, 2007


I don´t like Fridays. Besides the good part about them - which in our case is the regular "movie night", they are hectic and tireing. When I still managed my company in Prague, or now, when I do that "over the net", there´s always something popping up, etc. Don´t know what it is, but it´s a strange day for me.

I woke up tired and with sore throat. I felt like a freight train ran over me, the whole day, and when I was watering flowers outside this afternoon, I thought I won´t even lift the watering pots. Hmm.

The weather finally eased to a lower temperature, with some tiny little clouds and mainly a breeze, which was great, but I was still unable to really do anything right.

We went for a visit as I posted yesterday and yes, I did say NO to beer and to coffee, and guess what? I said no to the ice cream too!!! :o)

We came home at 10:00 pm and I felt so tired and weak, that I aimed for bed, but then when I set down to check correspondence, it ran through my head: What if I feel sick on a race or in the middle of the peak training season? I promissed yesterday to take a hike no matter what today, and what will I write for excuses in my journal tomorrow? So I put on runners, sweat pants and lots of mosquito spray and hit the road with the sticks for an 11:00 pm hike :) And you know what? I feel a bit less tired. And I am proud of myself :)


P.S. No pictures today. Too late for paparazzi to sniff around :) But if you want any witnessing, ask Jachym. Jachym, what say you? :)

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Greg said...

Hi Katerina,
nice to see you finally starting your project. I hope you´ll manage, well as long as you don´t loose weight too rapidly... I heared that´s not healthy either, but well you´re the expert ;) Just take it easy. And have fun doing it :)
Well see you laters...and greets to Jachym :)