Sunday, December 28, 2014

Beautiful DIY Decorations That Won't Cost You A Dime

I love Christmas, decorating, natural materials and rustic look of my decor creations, as it perfectly fits the wilderness set up of our homestead.

Being able to be creative with the use of mostly natural materials, without spending too much money and yet create something beautiful gives me a big satisfaction.

These cardboard stars I came up with just before Christmas this year can be used for your planned New Year´s party, but also any other occasion in or outdoors.

Or you can simply change the shape and make hearts for Valentine´s Day.

What you´ll need is:

  • Cardboard box or two (depending how many stars you want to make)
  • A paper cut out in the shape of a star (or heart or other shape)
  • Pen or pencil
  • Rope from a natural material, such as canabis
  • Scissors
  • and a white Cores liquid bottle with brush or any other brand of corrective white liquid
>> HERE is a link you can use to print our or download the star shape. Resize it to your own needs.

Once you´ve made the decision on desired shape and size, print and cut out that shape from ordinary paper, hold it against cardboard and draw the shape around.

Then cut out and decorate with the white corrective liquid as your fantasy and creativity desires :)

Let dry for some minutes, then take a sharp knife or scissors and punch a hole carefully into each star, making it wide enough to fit the rope (or a bow).

Pull rope or bow through and your are ready to hang your beautiful decorations wherever you decide.

They look great on a Christmas tree or in a vase full of twigs and firs, accompanied by lights or just plain red Christmas balls but I made them especially for my outdoor garlands to decorate our main entrance.

The more possibilities I have to choose decorations in and around my house, the more I realize each year how the beauty of rustic, simple and natural choices stands out.

I am wishing you not only Merry Christams and Happy Holidays, but a beautiful winter, warmed up by the touch of your hand made decorations.