Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Rotter Stern Kolonie Konigsborn BABELI

September 16, 1998 - July 21, 2014

Yesterday an Era ended together with the leaving of one very special dog, who always has and always will hold a very special place in my heart.

My plans of writing a long well deserved tribute failed me completely, so here is all I am able to come up with:

To me, Babeli was and always will be the sweetest, funniest puppy I ever had the chance to choose from another breeder. A dream come true (line, kennel and parents I had always hoped to get a dog from and include in my team, kennel and breeding program). The kennel clown. The most obedient husky without being trained to be obedient. The only husky I could let run lose any time, anywhere. A great teacher in SO MANY ways. A solid, dependable leader. Superior sled dog. The toughest dog I have ever met. The Kipp d´Amundsen line foundation female. Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother to many amazing, talented and perspective dogs. A unique being, in so many ways.

We had so much fun together, be it on the snowy trail, backpacking in the mountains, walking in the woods, teaching the young sled dog wannabies, sharing tent, travelling by train and ferry across Europe to our new home in the North. Staring our Swedish kennel together. Or simply having fun, playing games with clicker or laying on the sofa, watching a movie.

I am forever grateful for the long years spent with my funny friend, for whom I have so much love and respect and who not only taught and gave me so much, but who left me with so many wonderful memories and legacy in which she will live forever.

Run free BABELI, now painless and young again, you are and always will be missed deeply. I love you.

Until we meet again, my funny, tough Mopelschen!

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Linda Griggs said...

So sorry Kat! What wonderful memories she gave you, what a wonderful legacy she left!!! And what an awesome life you gave each other!!! (((HUGS)))