Monday, June 9, 2014

Birthday Girls

The speed of time is best viewed on kids or, in our case, on our dogs.

It feels like yesterday when our leader Babeli gave birth to her long time awaited litter, sired by our foundation dog, my beloved boy Buck.

This, our very first litter in Sweden, went on to become the foundation of many fine dogs to come and the Kipp d´Amundsen line.
Or I should say, the two girls born in the litter did :)
And it is today that marks their eight´s birthday!
Star and Comet have become mothers and even grandmothers since then, and both became our main string dogs, Star inheriting her mom´s leader qualities.

Star as a baby, summer 2006

Star - the confident, stubborn, strong and hard working sled dog.
One of the toughest dogs I have ever met.

Comet baby - she was a total doll!
Comet pictured last summer. She is still as cuddly as ever
and strong as any big male dog. Or stronger :)

We love you and are proud of you and very grateful for having you!

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