Monday, October 28, 2013

Caught On The Web #2

In the first blog post named "Caught On The Web" I shared a few articles and videos that "caught" my attention on the internet and thought they would be worth wile sharing with you.
All of them were focused on health care. If you´d like to read them, here is the link.

Today, I have a collection of well written articles that speak right from my heart. Their common theme is Behavior and Ethics.
First, I came across Michael Baugh´s extremely to-the-point blog post The Control Myth. It is the best article I´ve read in a long time, dealing with our human views of our dogs and our expectations when training them, and about the ethics of not only dog training, but of sharing our lives with dogs (or all animals, for that matter). I highly recommend it to everyone who has animals in their lives.

Another excellent reading is Robin Bennett´s article Why Supervising Dogs and Kids Doesn´t Work.
It explains the dog behavior and body language is something every owner (and parent) should watch and read when letting dogs and children interfere. 

I personally think, everyone having kids and dogs under one roof should read this.

Although the following article is of a bit different "caliber", I think it makes an excellent point in terms of ethics and I am very glad that a large newspaper published it. Kitten Nearly Dies From Vegan Diet is a very important example of how people should never force their own personal ideologies and beliefs on their animals!

And while still on this topic, here´s one more please from me: People, no matter how ethical reasons you have for being vegans, do not force your carnivore pets into malnutrition because of that! If you cannot bare the thought of feeding your meat-eating pets with animal based proteins and fats, please consider sharing your life with other kinds of animals. There is no need for them to suffer! Thank you!

And here is a little comparison of species for you, to brighten your day:

And that´s it for today´s Caught On The Web! Enjoy your reading and don´t forget to share with your friends!


Anonymous said...

The link for "The Control Myth" goes to "Why Supervising Dogs and Kids Doesn´t Work".

Katerina said...

Sorry about that, it is corrected now. Thank you so much for noticing!

Unknown said...

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