Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Our Kitties

Someone had been asking me recently what happened to our cats. That I don´t blog much about them anymore. While that may be true, rest assured that Jachym has his Facebook page full of them. And he made this picture too. It is supposed to get you introduced to all three monsters - Pippi, Ronja and Mio.
And here is a little game for you. If you want to know which one is which, then know that:

Ronja is rather simple. She doesn´t think much. She just is. Pippi is a typical mischevious cat that gets on your nerves in the Simon´s Cat style. And Mio. Let´s see. He is extremely overweight. Got the clue now on who´s who?
Send me a comment below to see if you got them right. You won´t win anything for your efforts, except for the privilege of knowing our cats! :) 

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