Saturday, June 22, 2013

Blog About My Blog

I have a confession to make. I have fallen behind in my blogging.
Ok, here goes my list of excuses :-)

- I have been writing my book
- I have been promoting my book
- I have been travelling
- I have been preparing for and holding lectures
- The summer arrived >> read I have been busy with planting flowers and vegetables, cutting grass, and doing all sorts of summer related activities

- Oh yes, I have been helping Jachym to cut trees and start preparing firewood for the next winter
- And been busy cooking and baking healthy meals and developing recipes for dogs and humans
- I also spent quite some time on my DIY kitchen and bathroom makeover projects
- And to make you feel sorry for me I also have to point out that I have been without a dog handler for nearly one and half months, which simply means (in a seriously simplified version): 
- that I have been poop scooping after 60 dogs all by myself!!! Do you already feel sorry for me? :)

All in all, there was simply no time for me to blog much. An occasional post with a recipe I could not resist sharing with you and that´s it. I am truly sorry to all Katerina´s Journal´s regular readers.

In my defense, I have to point out that I did do some "micro-blogging" as I call it, on my blog´s Facebook page. Mostly about healthy, natural nutrition for our beloved four legged friends, and a number of reposting of interesting articles from other bloggers, nutritionists, holistic medicine specialists, dog trainers, etc. I hope you enjoy these micro blogs. Please do check them out on Katerina´s Journal Facebook Page.

And after every confession comes a commitment. Mine includes the following:

- I will blog in flashbacks about some interesting happenings, cool places we´ve been to lately, trips with the fur kids, some more recipes, and will gradually get up-to-date.

- I have prepared a number of guest posts from interesting folks on interesting topics and a few interviews - so stay tuned!

- Somehow an idea was born in my head - to bring you interesting news and links to blogs and articles by others, in the same sphere of topics as my blog focuses on, all composed into one blog post. I will try to thematically combine them as well. Looking forward to it? I hope so! :)

Wishing you all a great, happy summer and happy trails!


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