Friday, May 31, 2013

Seven Great Meals For A Healthy Canine Week

Howdy all!
Wow, it´s Friday already, how has your week been so far? I was crazy busy, as I decided to remodel our kitchen and because I seem to never be able to do only one thing at a time, I also did a number of gardening projects, washed pretty much everything in this house that is made of textile and with Jachym´s great help started steadily working on the bathroom makeover.

But this post isn´t about that. I also managed (I have no idea how, actually) to stay sane and despite almost all my appliances are all over the house, but the kitchen, prepare some pretty good meals for the dogs, mainly Granite, as he has his special dietary needs.
And because sharing means caring, I decided not to keep them for myself - isn´t that nice?! :)

Seriously, I realized that if I can prepare healthy, natural meals for the kids with half of the house totally out of order, you can do it too! And although some of the recipes look fancy and time consuming to make, rest assured that none of them are!

Ok, so let´s see what I made:

Raw Ground Whole Chicken with 
Steamed Oat Flakes and Dandelion Greens

this seriously took about 2 minutes to prepare. 

Cooked Chicken Thigh, Carrots,
Culiflower, Broccoli and Blueberries

This is also very fast dog menu to prepare - just put all ingredients together in a pot, add some water and cook till soft. Add blueberries at the end.

Cooked Chicken Breast with Broccoli, Carrots, 
Blueberries, Cinnamon, Curcuma and Ginger

I will post about this particular recipe in more detail later. It is a part of Granite´s special nutrition and I will explain its benefits thoroughly.

Raw Herring Filets with Kibble, 
Brown Rice and Fresh Dandelion Blossoms

When running out of time or ingredients, adding some kibble in with raw fish or meat and adding fresh herbs is a great, cost effective and time saving solution.

Raw Ground Meat and Tripe
with Fresh Dandelions

Food for days when you totally lack time. Dog meals do not have to contain carbs all the time. Two to three times a week is good enough. Make sure you add some herbs, greens or vegetables to provide enough quality fiber.

Cooked Chicken Breast, Pollock Fillet, 
Quinoa, Carrots and Kibble

Another quick dish - especially if you cook enough meat and vegetables in advance, or just though out few white fish fillets and mix with a bit of kibble.

Raw Herring, Ground Raw Whole Chicken, 
Brown Rice, Kibble and Cinnamon

Two fresh meat soures (herring and chicken), brown rice left over from the human dinner, cinnamon powder, supplements and a bit of kibble (optional). This is a typical classic meal of my house dogs.

Got inspired? I hope so :) Go right ahead and try some of these for your four legged friends. And don´t  forget to let me know how they liked it. Which one turned out to be their favorite?

Happy Trails,

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