Friday, January 4, 2013

Siberian Husky Reference Android Application

Oh, how the times change! I used to write my training log into a calendar, write down feeding program for the kennel and interesting recipes by hand into a notebook and felt very "in" after upgrading to Excell spread sheet and files in my computer. 

There were times when I felt super high tech when Jachym built a website for our dogs´ and kennel presentation.

I always thought that mobile (cell) phones are for us to be able to make a phone call on the road, or send a message. Later on I became so "technical" and modern, that I started to use it also for taking pictures and videos.

And now here we are, with yet another upgrade as the technology sprints forward. And I totally love it!

A full Siberian husky breed standard with pictures of proper built, including judge reference!
And not only that. You could find this information in books and on internet and assemble it together, but this one comes as a cell phone application!

So if you are on the road, or with your husky friends, other breeders, conference, club meeting, or even when you are writing an article and need this information for reference and research, it is available right there in your phone. No downloads, no need for internet access. It is pretty amazing!

I am very proud of Jachym for developing this useful gadget. It is available at his Android App Shop on Google Play for an incredible 1$.

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