Friday, January 4, 2013

Mrs Pretty And Mr Handsome's Hard Life

If Granite and Krtek talked the human language, I sometimes honestly think that this is what they would  be thinking and saying:

Do I look pretty?

Do I look pretty or what?!

I am so pretty and cute and no one appreciates it!

Well, I am handsome. 

But I do not give a damn what others think. 

Or at least I pretend that I don´t care. 

My advice: Just hang out and look bored. Humans will give you so much attention.

Really? Ok, I´ll think about it. But I am so darn cute. Why can´t nobody notice it?

Teamming up is the best. Double cuteness. Guarantee the humans will notice us! And then they´ll give us so much attention that we´ll regret we don´t  have the sofa for ourselves anymore!

1 comment:

Susanne said...

You can tell Krtek that I think she is so cute :-)