Saturday, January 26, 2013

Love Blooms In All Shapes And Sizes

These two cuties are Carla (the husky) and Pippi (yes, the cat).

They say cats and dogs are not friends. They say that especially huskies are cat enemies. But they also say, that love is blind, that love knows no borders and blooms in all shapes and sizes.

I chose to believe that it all depends on the environment. 

Carla lives with us temporary (more on her visit in some later post), and came to us exactly one week ago. It took her exactly one day to learn that cats are part of the life here. That the four house huskies co-exist with cats just fine. And it took her exactly one week to get to here:

Yup, realizing that co-existing is sometimes beneficial for everyone. 

 Cuddling and snuggling on a warm, soft bed generates double amount of warmth. That´s not bad.

And everyone gets to be together in their desired and preferred room and on their preferred furniture.

Ok, Carla is special. But what about the others? 
This is what Granite thinks about co-existing with cats:

And this is what the others think about it. Sofa, bed, coziness and comfort - all so much worth the co-existence!

I used to believe that only very rare husky would, on a very rare occasion, learn to tolerate a cat. That belief is no longer part of my philosophy :) It´s definitely doable.
But please, do not just simply put your husky together with a cat and see what happens. It takes time, the right atmosphere and good judgement to be able to make them friends!


Brenda Morris said...

It takes time, the right atmosphere, etc. Exactly how do you do this? My three dogs get along pretty well with my 2 cats for the most part, but the dogs are trained to lay or play quietly in the house. When one of the cats goes after a mouse (their JOB!!) or bolts excitedly in play, all 3 dogs go after it like wildfire. Any suggestions how to correct this? Thanks. Brenda.

Unknown said...

I've got a 9 year old Siberian Husky that adores cats. She has been around them since she was a couple months old, though. I haven't encountered even a single cat she would not tolerate. Even if the cat didn't like her.

(Karen) Lisa Daley said...