Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Sweet Sixteen Ceeshiak!


who celebrates his 16th Birthday today!

picture taken last May, when we visited our family
and Ceeshiak celebrated his 15th birthday.

Ceeshiak aka Ceeshu or Ceeshi, lives his fairy tale retirement life of luxury with my mom and dad in Czech Republic. 

He still chases their three cats away from food dishes and enjoys weekends spent in the country side, where they travel almost every week.

Thank you mom and dad for giving Ceeshiu such a wonderful, loving, well deserved retirement home after his sled dog career.

In May 2010, Ceeshiak had a malignant tumor removed from his thigh muscle. He´s been living a happy, healthy life since then. We wish nothing less to this brave, tough guy, than happy, healthy life, that he´s always lived to the fullest!

We´re so proud of you, buddy! 

On behalf of your entire pack and family up North, loads of Love


TimberLove said...

Happy birthday Ceeshiak!!!

(Karen) Lisa Daley said...

Rock on Ceeshiak and keep chasing those cats!