Friday, April 20, 2012

One of My Favorites

I just found out there is a new book on the market. It is written by a man and author I respect and admire greatly, for his work, mission, passion and compassion. 

Lately, I had also a few questions and requests for tips on good wolf books and literature covering the wolf problematic, so it got me to thinking of writing a bit about Shaun Ellis, his work and books.

Many of you might have seen the National Geographic documentary "Man Among Wolves", covering Shaun´s two years of living with a wild wolf pack. But there is a lot more about him than that, what some people call "a sensationalist" or a "fool". 
He is an experienced wolf researcher and naturalist, with over 20 years of experience, which he shares through The Wolf Centre, as well as in his wonderful books.

Shaun with his partner Helen, among wolves

The first book I came across was THE MAN WHO LIVES WITH WOLVES.
I not only learned about Shaun, his extraordinary life, the two years spent in Idaho, studying and living among wild wolf pack, but I was of course once again pulled into the fascinating life and communication of the species I have so much passion for.

I simply thought nothing beats this book, if you´re looking for true understanding of the wolves, their habits, language and importance in the ecosystem.

Until Jachym got me the second book (which I had no idea existed): THE WOLF TALK

The Wolf Talk added a new dimension to it all. I was always interested in the language of the dog family, and as a breeder, dog musher and someone who lives with a large pack of huskies for over 20 years, I do know a bit about behavior and the canine language. But The Wolf Talk had confirmed so much of my beliefs and philosophy of natural approach to dogs, application of their ancient language, and methods of their own kind, which they understand. This book is definitely for every dog person out there. If you want to get a dog or are already and experienced owner or trainer, The Wolf Talk will help you understand better the language of your canine friends.

Have you ever howled with the wolves (dogs)?

Yesterday, as I was putting together a list of books I recommend, which I thought to share on the blog, I realized that I might as well write a bit about one of my favorites - a man who does a lot not only for the Canis Lupus, but who´s work contributes largely to the better understanding and communication between humans and their dogs.

I found out that The Man Who Lives With Wolves came recently out in a completely new edition, now known as THE WOLF WITHIN How I Learned to Talk Dog.

And I also came across an interesting information on the Wolf Centre website, where courses covering Dog Behavior Problems are offered by Shaun and his co-workers, on how to Improve Your Relationship with Your Dog(s) without Agression, Fear and Force.

Inspired? Since weekend is on it´s way, you might find a minute to relax while reading some of the interesting links. Enjoy.

Happy Trails and Stay Safe!

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