Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Day, Made for Pancakes

Some days are just meant to be - made for brunch! :)

If you look at my previous post from this morning, you might understand that the weather was seriously made for pancake brunch today. Ok. Enough excuses and justification

We had a busy, yet relaxing day today, filled with chores in the dog yard, working and playing with all the dogs, raking straw, poop scooping (yeah, Kristyna went for a three week vaccation), of course doing some clicker train/play time and some physio and stretching with the old guys, aka C.S.Cs (Canine Senior Citizens).

So obviously, now you understand our need and urge to make these flully, soft, yet crunchy on the edges, spelt pancakes with agave syrup, cinnamon, brown sugar and my home made blueberry jam!

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