Thursday, December 22, 2011

Speeding Into the Winter (with an Awesome New Leader)

So, yesterday, we headed out for the third run in a row, and since the past two runs were all about trailbreaking and hard physical workout, we did all we could to ensure an easy, fun, recovery run.

And oh, boy, did the guys ever fly!

Ok, step by step.

First we took out the 50 pound kibble bags from the sleds. 
Then I added two more dogs to my team and shifted the guys around a bit, to have a stronger front and let the smallest and lightest girls "rest" in the middle of the team. You see, the structure (or the anatomy) of a dog team is not a random thing. In fact, it is a key to a productive run. The smaller, lighter girls are usually running in the front of the team, as they are speedy. But when trail conditions change, it´s time for the bigger, stronger dogs, to shine in the front. And so I though, that Runner would be an excellent choice and match for powerful, super fast and driven Tazlina.

And was I ever happy about that choice! :) 

We´ve tried Runner in lead towards the end of last season and I knew he had some leader potential. I promised him to spend more time with his leader training this year and this run was a real test and challenge for him. Never before had he led the team from start to finish, a fast, twelve dog team, making decisions, having to keep the lines tight when his teammates boogied down the trail, breaking parts of blown over trail and lining the team up at start and breaks. He did all that, and with what a gusto and confidence! Actually, it was Runner, who gave the team juice, speed and drive. He dictated the speed! I was amazed to see how much energy he put into the team in the role of a leader. All I had to do was stand on the drag brake and tell him he was a good boy :)

 Jachym´s team led by Galena and Ziggi.

Before the run, some of the dogs were pretty tired after the previous two tough trainings, but once on the trail, they had no problem adjusting to Runner´s speed and joining in the cheerful mood that spread throughout the team. They were all happy, focused and driven. They recovered during the run and sprinted up and down the trail. I was very impressed with everyone´s performance. I plain love my dogs! :)

Happy Trails and Happy Winter Solstice to all our friends, family and fans!

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Sandra said...

Hi Katerina and Jachym,

Will you give Runner a big hug from me, I am proud of him!