Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mud Wrestling

post by Nardo Drouven

So, yesterday evening Katerina decided it would be good to train the dogs early in the morning, cause of the warmth during the day... and a good plan it was, for it is alrady very warm... but the doggies are back home and resting after a nice drink/breakfast...

During hookup (putting the dogs to the sled) this morning, the ground around the stakeout (chain where the dogs wait for harnessing and actual hookup) was very muddy... and when I wanted to harness Greyling he challenged me to my first ever mudwrestle... I succeeded and won, and managed to get the harness on him, but both of us were exceedingly pig-like after the adventure.... Spring is definitely here, which means brilliant sunny days, T-shirt weather and also a serious goodbye to clean dogs....

Anyway.... it's time to go outside again and eat my last bit of icecream!

Happy sunny hugs to you all!

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