Saturday, April 9, 2011

...Meanwhile... in the Kennel......

Another great post by Nardo, about the critters and life in the kennel. Thanks for letting us repost your stories and sharing your life of a dog handler with others!

So, there you stand... peacefully scooping dogfood from the bucket into the dog bowls.... while suddenly there is a lot of barking and dogs going crazy in their kennels! you look out, and what do you see! a black-and-brown flash with a fluffy tail running loose in the yard! Dropping the food I shouted to Cal to ask who it was... she and me were feeding the kennel dogs, while Jachym was feeding the dogs in the houses in the yard...she replied it was Charlie (one of the naughtier youngsters... she apparently got from her chain, but we did not know how..) We dashed out from the kennels to catch her, and after a little running by the three of us (well, four of us, including the escaper) we cornered her in the kennel-walkway... and her little one-dog party came to an end again... We brought her back to her house and it turned out she managed to take off her collar :-p little rascal ;-)

So... back to the feeding... we noticed that Delia, one of the veterans, an older female, did not eat at all... this is not very odd... but we try to make them all eat as well as we can... The usual trick is to take away part of the food and return the rest to them, and usually they eat it then... Not in this case, cause we gave her another type of bowl and Cal argued that she might not want to eat from those bowls... so, and I still can't believe I serve their every whim, I took another type of bowl, the one she is used to, switched the food and returned it to her... And lo and behold! she started eating happily, and finished it all!... Like old people, old dogs too seem to have their peculiarities.... :-p

Now it's pancake time!!

Hugs to all of you!

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