Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Presenting Troll Dog Food

The first presentation of one of our major sponsors is here:

Let us proudly introduce TROLL
This Norwegian company, based in Trondheim, and led by Roar Volden and his team, is quite known to majority of Scandinavian mushers and hunters.

Troll specializes in producing dog food for mainly working dogs, with high focus on sled dogs and hunting dogs.

But that is not their only speciality. Over the past few years, Troll has become a recognized producer of top quality equipment for sled dogs, such as harnesses, collars, dog booties, etc., and distributor of some well known world brands of mushing and hunting equipment.

The company basically offers two "labels":
Troll Hundefor (dog food) and Troll Dog Sport (equipment).
Today, we´d like to say a few words about Troll dog food.
We´ve been using Troll Dog Food, and specifically the Troll Ekstrem Formula, to feed our entire kennel (which counts around 50 dogs), for a bit over 5 years.

We feed Troll basically to all the dogs of different generations and life stages, from puppies (we grind the kibble for them as soon as they are 3-4 weeks old), pregnant and lactating females, yearlings, main string distance racing dogs and also to all the retired, senior dogs, whom we lovingly call the CSC´s (Canine Senior Citizens).

We feed the Troll Ekstrem 30/21 Formula year round, supplemented with meat, fats and natural supplements, acording to the dogs´ needs, excercise level and temperatures (it can get up to -40°C in the northern part of Sweden, where we live).

We believe that one of the major keys to healthy, happy, well performing dogs, is the right nutrition. We have always strongly believed in, and chose natural diet for our dogs. And they are a living proof that it has been a good choice.

Our dogs live long, healthy lives and often reach ages of 15-16 years. The pride of our kennel is Pinny (Metalika´s Polar Princess), who turned 18 years on October 2, 2010, in a great physical shape and high spirits. She enjoys her daily walks, which can be up to 2km long!

The dogs also get very seldom sick and almost never suffer from muscle, joint or other common sled dog injuries.

What we apreciate about Troll dog food the most is the consistent quality, the high meat content and three animal protein sources (salmon, beef and chicken), high digestibility, low carbohydrate content and high palatability. The ingredients come from Norwegian and Swedish sources, known to be natural and of high quality. All this is extremly important to maintain good health and great condition of dogs at any age, of any breed and activity level.

Our dogs love the natural taste of Troll and are willing to eat it plain dry, with meat, in a soup, or in any other form. We even grind some kibble to roll some of our home-made trail snacks in it.

And last but not least, we apreciate the service, the friendly and always helpful aproach from the Troll Hundefor staff and their continuous support of our kennel and team!

We are proud to be supported by company, so dedicated to the world of sled dogs, such as Troll Hundefor is! Thank you for your continuous support and for excellent nutrition for our dogs!

Troll has also expanded to a number of countries all over Europe, and so is available also to mushers, breeders and dog owners nut just in Norway and Sweden.
Check out their dog food and services and don´t hesitate to contact their kind staff!

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