Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dogs, Dogs and Some More Dogs

Today´s training run was uneventful.

Or, actually, I shouldn´t say that. It was as close to being perfect, as possible.

With leaders like Galena (left) and Rapid, the team moved dynamically and smoothly, and the girls turned us around beautifully, without a single tangle.

This is Galena (Buck of Geri´s Den x Vox Celstas Jee-Haw-Hoo). One of the best dogs on our team and mynumber one leader.
You will often hear Jachym rambling something about him training Galena and her "G" litter siblings as youngsters and thus his huge impact on the way things are today. What can I say? Men!

And this big, leggy, beautifully built girl is Rapid (NorthWapiti´s Skor x NorthWapiti´s Kluane)

Wheel dogs in today´s team: Canuck (NorthWapiti´s Super Grover x CH.NorthWapiti´s Valkyrie Kara) and Granite (Buck x Jee-Haw).

Strong, dependable boys: Frostie av Vargevass and Nugget (Buck x Jee-Haw).

Crazy Misa (right) with a freshman - two years old Runner (Ewok x NorthWapiti´s Magpie).

Our super-athletic, wonderful Chilli (Nugget x Comet).

Krtek (NorthWapiti´s Tazlina x NorthWapiti´s Captain Canuck) and Magpie (CH.NorthWapiti´s Guy Smiley x Alaskan´s Jumper of Anadyr).
These two girls may be smaller in size, but big at heart. Fast, strong, determined.

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